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Alpha Steppa Kayagum Video by Squiff

This is a music video for the track Kayagum by Alpha Steppa from Steppas AS0110 made by Squiff for Onevision. Big up to Squiff! Here’s what he has to say about it: [br] [br]

Check out this awesome track which merges Korean influences with dub in a 21st century style. I guess you could call it dubstep, but i think its broader than that! Watch it full screen and full volume and crank up the bass. [br] [br]

This is the best video i have done, thanks to the cooperation of Doo and Ben, who i met in my favourite car park in Bristol for a couple of hours* [br] [br]

Featuring Doo with a cameo from Ben who is alpha steppa. The location had some really nice green lights, lovely orange posts and the metal lifts which added to the ambience of the video. [br] [br]

And after hearing this track a 100 times or more i still love it. [br] [br]

Filmed and edited by squiff for one vizion [br] [br]

Squiff [br] [br]

*Trenchard Street car park in Bristol is worth a visit if you are in Bristol, Concrete, mesh on the windows, aluminium lifts, green lighting!!! To quote Ridley Scott, ‘If you can see the beauty in the darkest of things, you can see the beauty in everything’