Alpha Steppa – Raise The Ark (2xLP)

Alpha Steppa – Raise The Ark (2xLP)


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Raise The Ark – The new album from Alpha Steppa, marking ten years of Steppas Records. This vocaldub album defies convention and introduces the listener to a new world of soundsystem music. Raise The Ark evolves and expands the distinct avant-guard dub style of Alpha Steppa, exploring the realms of Hip Hop, Trap, Trad, Folk and Bass Music. True to the Steppas Records ethos, the music carries a deep and crucial message, covering current and timeless topics; from the climate crisis, sociopolitical issues, to roots, culture and spirituality. Working closely with known artists from the Steppas imprint and as we have come to expect, introducing us to new and emerging talent from across the globe. Raise The Ark features include; Pupa Jim of Stand High Patrol (France), Sista Awa (Italy/Senegal), Cian Finn (Ireland), Ras Tinny (Suriname), Nai-Jah (Nigeria), Tenor Youthman (Russia), Eva Keyes (Ireland) and Block Mameli (Italy/Ghana). The collection features 12 evocative and provocative vocal tracks and 10 thundering instrumental / dub mixes. Raise The Ark is a truly eclectic, profound and exciting album not to be missed.

01 Alpha Steppa – Dear Friend (ft. Pupa Jim)
02 Alpha Steppa – Break All the Walls and Build Bridges (ft. Tenor Youthman)
03 Alpha Steppa – The Living Word
04 Alpha Steppa – Fever (ft. Eva Keyes)
05 Alpha Steppa – My People (ft. Block Mameli)

01 Alpha Steppa – Even Clouds Stop to Look (ft. Sista Awa)
02 Alpha Steppa – Omo Kibish (ft. Nai-Jah)
03 Alpha Steppa – Whip Lash Crack (ft. Sista Awa)
04 Alpha Steppa – Black Rain (ft. Ras Tinny & Nai-Jah)
05 Alpha Steppa – Show Me the Way (ft. Cian Finn)

01 Alpha Steppa – Dear Dub
02 Alpha Steppa – Break All the Walls and Build Dubs
03 Alpha Steppa – The Living Dub
04 Alpha Steppa – Dub Fever
05 Alpha Steppa – My Dub

01 Alpha Steppa – Even Clouds Stop to Dub
02 Alpha Steppa – Omo Dub
03 Alpha Steppa – Whip Lash Dub
04 Alpha Steppa – Black Rain Dub
05 Alpha Steppa – When We Were Free (ft. Sista Awa)

What people say…

“LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!” Iration Steppas

“Lovin’ Alpha Steppa!” Don Letts / BBC 6Music

“This sound gives me goosebumps” Rico / OBF

“Love the works” Harris BB Seaton / Gaylads

“Bro your album is UNTOUCHABLE! What a great masterpiece is all I can say bro. Your really setting levels every time with the releases and vibes” Ashanti Selah

“‘Raise The Ark’ caries as much spiritual and musical weight as the platinum selling album by Pink Floyd, Dark side of the moon with the added warmth of reggae Dub” Pablo Mac / Kane FM

“A new masterpiece to add to Alpha Steppa’s discography.” Culture Dub

“Well that album is stunning” Sinai Sound System

“Heavy Rotation” Rusko

“Alpha Steppa is always reliable – genius production and
great singers.” Rick Anderson / CD HotList

“Large!” Bukkha

“Dammmmmmn!” Mano de Nada / SOAC, CA

“Love it!” Anthony Stehr / Serato HQ

“Big vibes inside!” Roommate

“Powerful!” Ras Lion

“Legendary status” Titan Sound

“Looking forward to the LP!” Mungo’s Hi Fi

“Sweet tunes” BunZer0 / Sub FM

“Heavy. Big vibes” Venom Sound

“Positive vibes!” Digid

“Maximum respect for lyrical side, as always a real pearl
in the sea of reggae & dub. Musically it’s a a nice surprise,
moving its original style to new lands, it sounds fresh.
Looking forward!” Dub Massive

“Give thanks!” Robert Rankin / Massive Sound Int.

“Wicked” Bim One / Japan

“Lovely” Mr. Benn

“Serious Bizness from the Alpha Steppa camp! Crucial
tunes!” Maneesh The Twister

“NICE! Ras Kwame / Capital Xtra

“One Soundsystem Banger after another!
Will love to play it on our rig!” Irie Ites Soundsystem

“Big sound as usual” Party Time / France

“Really Good!!!” Matt The Alien

“Big” Champion Sound / Moscow

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