Happy Rotation from Steppas Records! We will do our very best to bring you high quality music from the foundation during 2014. Wishing you a fruitful future and joyful present!
  • “Westcountry Rootical Righteousness” Mixmag

  • "Obliteratingly Heavy Bass" Q Magazine

  • “Sounds like Mala in a Taoist Temple” Mixmag

  • “Deep, dark rootical dub” Mixmag

  • "Not for laptop speakers" Q Magazine

  • “This is how to put the dub in dubstep” Mixmag

  • “Album of the Month” Mixmag [ASLP001]

  • “Global Rootical Power” Mixmag

  • "Enough bass to outweigh any dubstep set" Wire