Goli & Ashburner/ RSD/ Alpha Steppa – Get Up

Goli & Ashburner/ RSD/ Alpha Steppa – Get Up


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GOLI & ASHBURNER/RSD/ALPHA STEPPA – ‘Get Up’ [STEPPAS RECORDS] “West Country Rootical Righteousness. Four variations on a theme by Goli & Ashburner, for anyone who appreciates the fact that bass and space are enough to keep a dancefloor moving. Bristol legend Rob Smith, aka RSD, adds a rolling junglist sensibility to his version, while label boss Alpha Steppa takes it closer to 1980s digital reggae on his dub.”
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“Another heavy duty steppers’ platter from Goli & Ashburner featuring RSD on remix detail. ‘Get Up’ plays it red-eyed and mystical in classic ’06 dubstep fashion, all dread sub wobbles and acres of dark, duppied space for heads to roll in, backed with a sweeter, stickier version and mellow dub. Remixing, Rob Smith aka RSD brings the old-skool junglist vibe with a lick of Amens and chopped bassline for a more unruly flex.”

“In a period, where the music scene is largely saturated by the trends of bass music (commercial dubstep, brostep etc.), it is utterly refreshing to listen to a release that points directly at the beginnings of dubstep in the mid 2000’s. Goli & Ashburner’s theme refers back to the days when the genre was just sprouting, rendering a sound akin to artists like Loefah, Cotti, Skream and mostly Digital Mystikz. It features the dark, suffocating atmospheres, the slow pace, the crawling & rattling subbass and sparse use of sounds (in contrast with the overproduced dubstep of today) as bred in original dubstep recordings for ‘stretched-out’ bass meditation.

RSD, aka Rob Smith, has years of experience in UK bass music and already a few cuts flirting with reggae and dub. He stands more on the dub roots side of the dubstep spectrum. His version features an ‘Amen’ breakbeat and a thicker more pronounced bassline, providing a more energetic mix with a junglist vibe.

Alpha Steppa’s version is probably the most dynamic. Being a spiritual child of the UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega, he has created a personal style, consistently forged throughout his releases over the last two years, which draws influences from dubstep, UK dub and 1980’s digital reggae with some far-eastern timbres. That proves to be outright refreshing for enthusiasts of innovative bass music who seek for dub consciousness at the same time. All of his capacities as a producer are displayed on ‘Get up version’. Blending ‘worked-out’ low bass frequencies and discontinuous drum breaks with his persistent ethnic vibes he brings about a brighter side of ‘Get up’, more soothing. ‘Get up dub’ displays more of a throwback 1980’s digital sound, with the Alpha Steppa characteristic sounds and dubstep-sensible riddims intact.”

Steppas Records are pleased to announce the release of “Get Up” by UK dubstep heavy-weights Goli and Ashburner. The newest record from the cult-indie label also includes remixes by world renowned dubstep musicians RSD (aka Rob Smith) and Alpha Steppa. Representing a move towards darker, deeper and heavier roots-based dubstep, “Get Up” demonstrates the best of UK dubstep at it’s most innovative.

Having spent much of 2010 and 2011 releasing on majors such as Chemical Records, Ministry of Sound and Clandestine Cultivations, Goli and Ashburner are now placed in the centre of the current dubstep explosion. Their energetic mix of grime, bassline and dubstep has won them international fans following tours in America, Belgium, Sweden, Holland and Croatia. With “Get Up” they demonstrate their commitment to dubstep that is heavy, full of bass and cutting-edge.

RSD, one half of legendary duo Smith and Mighty, has been making waves in the UK bass scene since the 1980’s. Considered pioneers of the dubstep scene, Smith and Mighty were never ones to shy away from experimenting with dub, reggae and drum’n’bass. RSD’s solo work is regarded as being just as significant and he has released on well respected labels such as Punch-Drunk, Earwax and Tectonic. His contribution to “Get Up” is deep, energetic and driven by a trademark, chest-rattling RSD bass line.

Alpha Steppa, child protégé of Alpha and Omega, debuted in 2010 with a bang. His label, Steppas Records began in style, offering up fresh dubs and soundsystem mixes by his mentors, as well as one of the final releases by titan of the reggae scene, the late Gregory Isaacs. Alpha Steppa produces dubstep that is aware of it’s roots heritage and works to integrate that into some of the most innovative dubs being made today. Currently based in Eastern Asia, he has begun integrating an authentic oriental sound into the UK dubstep vibe. This ground-breaking style can be seen clearly in the two tracks he has contributed to the “Get Up” EP – a deep, sub-heavy remix offset by a crisp version with a heavy UK dub vibe.

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