Moonshine Steppas – Ireland/ 9 Years

Moonshine Steppas – Ireland/ 9 Years


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Moonshine Recordings and Steppas Records have joined forces to bring you a collaborative release featuring some of the most current and exciting names in dub and bass music. Both labels are deeply involved in the current dub scene and their knowledge, respect and understanding of the music and its historical roots mean they are perfectly positioned to provide a release that has both depth and intense musical skill.

Following a successful stint in North Asia Alpha Steppa of Steppas Records is back in the motherland (UK). Extensive touring and experimentation with traditional instruments has served to both fine-tune his production skills and inspire a burst of creativity. Never one to rest on his laurels, Alpha Steppa has quickly teamed up with Moonshine Recordings to continue his ever increasing contribution to the dub world. Alpha Steppa has also reconnected with his mentors on this record, forming the aptly named Dub Dynasty with UK dub heavy-weights Alpha and Omega. There can be no doubt that these three artists understand each others musical capabilities perfectly. This collaboration presents a taste of what music connoisseurs can expect later in the year when the heavily anticipated Dub Dynasty full album drops.

Moonshine Records have worked with Radikal Guru and Cian Finn previously, on the well-received Rootstepa album and Rootstepa Remixed EP and that relationship and connection is clearly apparent here. Watch out for Finn’s deeply emotive lyrics on ‘9 Years’ where he transforms a great dub tune into a powerful meditation on the cost of war. Finn and Guru work seamlessly together and it’s a testament to all involved that the tracks work just as well with pure dub or vocals. On the flip side, currently being subject to extensive rewinds by some of the most respected DJs in dub, dubstep and international bass music alike, ‘Ireland’ has anthem written all over it. And with versions and dubs from all of the above artists this release is simply not to be missed.

‘Moonshine Steppas Present the Unified Power of Radikal Guru, Cian Finn, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty’ is sure to find its way into the record boxes of every bass loving man, woman and child around the globe.

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