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To book an artist for your session please contact bookings@steppas.com

  • Alpha Steppa

    Label Founder | Producer | Musician | DJ | Live

    “The son and nephew of respected dub heavyweights Alpha & Omega, Alpha Steppa has been surrounded by soundsystem and dubplate culture from a young age. Now a talented producer in his own right, his productions connect the dots between the music which he has grown up around and the new generation of UK bass music of which he is a part. His dubbed out style draws upon the sounds of his musical heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer sounds of dubstep.” KNOWLEDGE MAGAZINE “Obliteratingly Heavy Bass” Q MAGAZINE “A serious player in the soundsystem world” MIXMAG “One of the most prolific and inventive dub producers around” WIRE “.. dub to worship.” REGGAE ROOTS REVIEW Previous Tours: Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Palestine, Peru, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Faroe Islands, Finland, Lithuania, Malta, Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark. Festivals: Outlook Festival, Telerama Dub Festival, Dour Festival, Dub Camp Festival, Fusion Festival, One Love Festival, United Nations of Dub, International Dub Gathering, Sub Dub, Notting Hill Carnival, Reggae Bus, Ostroda Festival, Overjam, Bourges Printemps. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Awa Fall

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Awa Fall is one of the most talented and versatile young singers in the Reggae and World Music scene worldwide. At only 22 years old she performs an average of 100 shows per year all over Europe, playing in all the best festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash, Overjam, International Dub Gathering, Dub Camp and Bergamo Jazz Festival.
  • Nai-Jah

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Born into two different cultures, Nai-Jah grew up understanding the struggles and persecutions resulting from colonialism. He moved to France in 2006 where he eventually started a reggae/afro band, with the singularity of having a sousaphone as bass. Influenced from early age by traditional Igbo music and roots reggae, the band still tours Europe today. It was at Dubcamp 2016 when Nai-Jah met with the dub movement and it's desire to spread conscious and uplifting music. The meeting with Alpha Steppa paved the way for a deepened comprehension of the movement and a sincere mutual understanding and friendship. The profound songwriting of Mahakwe A.K.A Nai-Jah, seizes conscious topics like the political struggle and corruption in his home country, Nigeria and of mankind's never ending greed. Nai-Jah has one goal, to shake up body and mind. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Dub Dynasty

    Musicians | Producers | DJ | Live

    Dub Dynasty represent the collaborative works of Alpha Steppa And Alpha & Omega. With four acclaimed albums, numerous singles and an extensive touring schedule, Dub Dynasty have quickly become a household name in dub. Alpha Steppa is the son and nephew of Alpha & Omega and together they have created a pioneering new sound, modern soundsystem music rooted firmly in the UK Dub foundation with a message of love, unity and family. "Global Rootical Power - Regular readers will know we are supporters of globe-trotting producer Alpha Steppa - and this project, with his dad and aunt, aka UK roots 'n' dub veterans Alpha & Omega, makes him a serious player in the soundsystem world. Featuring vocalists from as far afield as Ireland and Korea over 11 tracks plus dub versions, these all feature 4/4 'steppers' rhythyms, traditional digital dub instrumental sounds and subtle electronic ornaments, but mix perfectly into dubstep sets, their bass tones hitting as hard as any high-tech wobble. Add some history to your mix!" 8/10 Mixmag “Reggae/dubstep producer Alpha Steppa is joined by his dad and aunt, better known as dub veterans Alpha & Omega, on this set of electronically enhanced reggae rhythms. A globe spanning array of rootsy vocalists ranging from Irish to South Korean also guest, but the real star of Unrelenting Force is the obliteratingly heavy bass. Not for laptop speakers.” Q Magazine Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Wellette Seyon

    Singer | Songwriter

    Wellette Seyon is a highly regarded collaborator of Steppas Records, having worked alongside Dub Dynasty and Alpha Steppa on numerous renowned projects throughout the years. Possessing a captivating and enigmatic aura, Wellette is known for her melodious voice and the profound depth of her poetic lyrics. For the last 7 years, she has been working closely with Alpha Steppa, pouring her heart and soul into her debut album, which is set to be released on Steppas Records in the near future. Fans of Wellette's music eagerly await the arrival of this long-anticipated masterpiece.
  • Fikir Amlak

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    With Caribbean and Latin-American heritage, Fikir Amlak’s early years were split between the Caribbean and the USA. He came into contact with the Rastafari order at a young age and the resonance was immediate. He rapidly embraced Rastafari culture, philosophy and music which has regulated his life since. After moving to Santa Cruz, California he took part in a series of solo and collective musical works from 2002 to 2006. Growing disillusioned with the music business, he took a 7 year sabbatical from recording. During this period he lived a severely reclusive life, studying and training with Rastafari in the hills of California and Jamaica. He continued to release previously recorded music but did not record again until 2013, when various producers encouraged him to return to the music world. Since then, he has recorded extensively but only a small portion of this music has been released. The roots – reggae – dub – sound system world has embraced him, and his rise has been meteoric. Promoting a balance of mental, spiritual and physical fitness, his message has arrived on the scene like a breath of fresh air. While he remains in the public eye, look for more releases, live performances, and insight from Fikir Amlak. (Mike B, Akashic Records)
  • JahYu

    Musician | Producer | DJ

    JahYu: the Korean word for ‘freedom’, this is an artist whose music is rooted in the notion of freedom, freedom of sound, freedom of expression, freedom from mind and freedom of the soul. JahYu uses his creative freedom to connect directly with his ancestors and create music that somehow transports the listener through time and space. Oriental flute and string melodies slide effortlessly amongst powerful roots-based dubstep, creating a sound that is unique and full of flavour. This enigmatic Korean-German producer blends both sides of his heritage, the digital steppers that emerged from Europe in the 1990’s alongside the traditional oriental music of his mother’s homeland, Korea, augmented by a deeper exploration of contemporary bass music. JahYu’s productions provide us with the opportunity to discover our ancestral roots through music. Roots music is not a sound, it is a feeling and a feeling that JahYu is able to evoke with profound intensity. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Joe Yorke

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Hailing from North-west UK, singer and producer Joe Yorke is classed as one of the most promising UK reggae artists of his generation. His exceptional and unique falsetto voice paired with his profound and poetic lyrics have caught the attention of some of the best producers and labels and an ever-growing fanbase. Joe has entered the stage with support from reggae/dub legends such as David Rodigan, Don Letts, Dennis Bovell, Nick Manasseh and Stand High Patrol.
  • Don Fe

    Musician | Producer | DJ | Live Dub

    UK born musician and producer based in Spain for over 20 years. His passion since the age of 5 has been music (classically trained in piano, flute and theory) and as from 16 reggae. From his humble beginnings in the 80s with a 4 track and a TDK D90 his riddims and productions are now being played by the world's most respected sounds – Channel 1, Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas and many more all over the world. On moving to Brighton in the 80s he discovered soundsystem culture and started collaborating with a local sound which led to him taking part in various festivals and local residencies until 1993 when he moved to West Africa for a time before finally reaching Spain. After co running a 'commercial' label for various years he now dedicates the majority of his time to his own productions and collaborations from his in house studio in Southern Spain where all his riddims are built. His live show is a combination of a selection of the best of UK Conscious Roots and Foundation alongside his own riddims incorporating live instruments (flute, melodica and keys) as well as the possibility of incorporating singers / MCs. As from 2014 he will be presenting a new showcase of live dub, taking some of his most recent tracks from his studio into the dance. Over the last 5 years he has done more than 100 shows in Spain as well as taking part in festivals in France, UK and Germany sharing lineups with people such as Soom T, Aba Shanti, Channel 1, Vibronics and many more. Apart from his work in the studio he is the founding member of Jah Catalyst Hifi (with Prince Jamo, Cfax and Alexia) – Murcia's first 4 scoop hand built soundsystem and also plays in the live band – The Producers, alongside Roberto Sanchez and Prince Jamo and collaborating with Earl 16, Milton Henry and Ricky Grant. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Rebel Samurai

    Admin | A&R | Dubplates & Mastering | Producer | DJ

    Half-japanese, half-italian brazilian, The Rebel Samurai relocated all the way from east Sao Paulo to east London over a decade ago looking for a more 'chilled' surroundings. When his path encountered with his partner in crime, 'The Archiver', sometime in the late 2000's, they started to work on hip hop productions together, as the years passed, they felt like their sound had to evolve musically plus the love for reggae music brought them to direct their productions to a reggae influenced dubstep sound. You can also see the Samurai himself selecting the heaviest cuts on his annual visits to his family back in his motherland. [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/users/67424692" params="color=00a160&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]
  • Alpha & Omega

    Musicians | Producers | DJ | Live

    UK dub pioneers since 1990, A&O have worked with the likes of Greensleeves, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Jah Shaka and Gregory Isaacs. A&O are a roots dub duo that mix both analogue and digital elements, comprising Christine Woodbridge and John Sprosen, both of whom had played in reggae bands previously, Sprosen also having worked with the Roaring Lion Sound System. They began working together in the mid-1980s, splitting their time between their home towns of London and Plymouth, and issued their debut home-recorded cassette in 1988. They were picked up by Greensleeves Records, who acted as a parent company to the duo's A&O label, and also worked with Jah Shaka, for whom they supplied rhythm tracks. Although they are strongly influenced by artists such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, King Tubby and Augustus Pablo, they have developed a sound that has been described as "uniquely British". In a review of their Mystical Things album, Rick Anderson, writing for Allmusic, wrote: "This prolific London-based duo is responsible for some of the most convincing old-school reggae to come from the first world." Wikipedia "Enter a path few can follow, but many can appreciate. A studio or sound's dub-plates are like a Shaolin monk's sacred teachings. London-based Alpha & Omega take us into their world of mesmerising roots and divulge their exclusive 'specials'." Muzik "Through minimal manipulation, (Alpha and Omega) deliver the listener to a place of great sonic peace." Option magazine "The compelling presences at the hear of these airy sonic worlds have a harder edge than some of their ancestors.” The Wire "Massively thunderous bass lines, galloping drum tracks and a willingness to tastefully adorn dubs with digital flutes and various electronic sounding washes." Pulse Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Cian Finn

    Singer | Musician | DJ | Live

    Hailing from the west of Ireland, Cian Finn is a vocalist and MC, inspired by the sounds of soul, blues and reggae. Currently working with some of the most respected acts in contemporary dub music, Cian has performed live with Mad Professor, Zion Train, Iration Steppas, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Dubwise, Cornerstone Roots, Dubkasm, and Radikal Guru. His vocal tracks have been remixed by Manasseh, RSD, Phaeleh, and Indigo. He was lead vocalist and a founding member of Irish reggae group Intinn. They were a mainstay of the Irish festival circuit and over the last 7 years playing across the UK, France, Spain and Italy. In 2010 Intinn were declared “Best Upcoming Reggae Act in UK and Ireland” at the One Love Festival in London. Cian has featured both live and in the studio with globally renowned traditional Irish group De Danann. Recently returned from a tour of Scotland, England, Germany, France and Poland with Radikal Guru, he has also performed live in New Zealand, in India at the MTV Sunburn festival and in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known for his vibrant onstage presence and impassioned voice, Cian’s shows voyage through reggae rhythms to bouncing dubstep, interspersed with soulful acapella moments. This is an artist rooted deeply in the Celtic spirit, his song writing is infused with insight and positivity, carrying forward the flame of conscious music. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Jonah Dan

    Singer | Producer | DJ

    Renowned reggae percussionist, singer, Inner Sanctuary Music head and pioneering dub producer. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Yaksha

    Producer | Live

    The son of a respected reggae trombonist, Yaksha realised a love for roots music from the very beginning. Inspired by mixtapes given to him by Alpha & Omega over the years, he began experimenting with his own productions from a young age. Now releasing under his own label, the underlying aim for Yaksha remains to reflect and build upon the foundations of culture; and, as the name literally means, to respect the natural treasures within the tree’s roots.
  • Eva Keyes

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Eva Keyes is a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Her music blends elements of soul, reggae, and folk to create a unique and captivating sound. Eva's smooth and soulful vocals are paired with intricate guitar work and heartfelt lyrics, which touch on themes of love, loss, and personal growth. She has performed at a range of festivals and venues across Europe, and has received critical acclaim for her live shows and recorded material. Eva is a rising star in the Irish music scene, and is quickly gaining recognition for her exceptional talent and artistic vision.
  • Ras Tinny

    Singer | Songwriter | DJ | Live

    "I do hope that the music I play and the lyrics I write reflect my vocation and the teachings of my elders: 'Jah help InI to uplift the poor and Itect the environment' And so I hope we will link soon, between the sounds of the bass and the drum beats - inna perfect love - Jah Bless you." Ras Tinny Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Tenor Youthman

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    One of the founders of Lion Posse Soundsystem - the first Russian soundsystem with their own sound, style and fashion. One of the greatest underground reggae singers of a generation. Contact: bookings@steppas.com
  • Ashanti Selah

    Producer | Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Ashanti Selah is a UK-based dub and roots reggae producer, sound system operator, and musician. He is the son of the legendary roots reggae artist and producer Aba Shanti-I and has been surrounded by sound system culture from an early age. Ashanti Selah has developed his own unique sound, blending traditional roots reggae and dub with electronic elements to create a modern, yet timeless sound. He is known for his powerful basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and soulful melodies, which he delivers both in his productions and in his live performances. Ashanti Selah has worked with a range of respected artists in the reggae and dub music scenes, and continues to push the boundaries of the genre through his innovative productions and live shows.
  • Pupajim

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Pupajim is a French reggae and dub artist best known as the lead vocalist of the group Stand High Patrol. He has a unique and captivating vocal style that blends classic Jamaican reggae with contemporary influences. His lyrics often focus on social and political issues, with a particular emphasis on the struggles of the urban working class. Pupajim has released several critically acclaimed albums and is widely respected in the international reggae and dub music scenes.
  • Yehoud-I

    Singer | Songwriter | Live

    Yehoud-I is a French reggae singer and songwriter known for his smooth vocals and conscious lyrics. He was born in Paris he grew up listening to a range of genres, including reggae, jazz, and soul. Yehoud-I's music is characterised by his emotive singing style and socially conscious lyrics, which touch on themes of unity, love, and spirituality.


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Gregory Isaacs, Pupajim, Linval Thompson, Tenor Youthman, Fikir Amlak, Block Mameli, Carlton Livingston, N’goni, Dub Judah, Lutan Fyah, Prince David, Prince Jamo, Wellette Seyon, Joe Pilgrim, Setondji Spirit, Danny Red, Joseph Lalibela, Yehoud-I, Ras Hassen-ti, Nish Wadada, Mooji, Echo Ranks, Iration Steppas, Earlyman, Iyano Iyanti, Cologne, Jane Warriah, Flex Zaggazow, Eva Keyes, Ashanti Selah, Dutty Hands & Cranky General, J-Path, Radikal Guru, DJ Madd, Joe Ariwa, Ras Divarius, Goli & Ashburner, Rude Paper, Smiley Song, Adam Prescott, RSD, Double Tiger, Vibration Lab, Bukkha, Modi Bardo, Kiangana, Crazy Hertz, Zentash Gigawatt, Musai Soundworks, Reality SoulJahs, Violinbwoy, Rootsman Sax, Chazbo, Spiritual Rockers, High Public Sound, I-Sirana, Sak Dub-I, 2 Shanti, Ojah, Hiroshi, Rudy Lee, Roots Masashi, Dubzoic, Aketi Ray, Sista Hebesha, Ark Aingelle, Fyahstone, Joe Yorke, Yaksha, Gus the Pilgrim, Fisha Sound, Jah Defender, Pasnbesa


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